Self-Service in JumpCloud

JumpCloud is known as Directory-as-a-Service solution that provide cloud identity management. Once the identity is created, the user can access to the self-service portal and modify some information or access to their predefined cloud application access.

Below JumpCloud screenshots about how the self-service screen looks like:

1.- The user needs to go to the JumpCloud self-service url  and select the User Login navigation tab in the JumpCloud screen.

2.- The user needs to introduce their email address and password. This is the information created for the JumpCloud administrator and that belongs to your company, in our case is


3.- After successfully login the JumpCloud portal, the user will now see  the information on the screen and be able to modify it.


Some of the fields allowed to modify are:

Work Mobile
Home Phone
Work Phone
Work Fax
Work Address
Home Address

If additional fields are required for your company, JumpCloud allows you to add custom fields.