JumpCloud Add New System

Systems in JumpCloud refers to Windows, Mac, and Linux hosts on which you can install a JumpCloud agent and start managing those.

Add new system in JumpCloud require 2 steps:

1. Install a JumpCloud in the system
2. Add New System in the JumpCloud Admin Console

Following the screenshot with the steps :

1. In the JumpCloud System to be managed, login to the Admin Console and download the JumpCloud Agent corresponding to your environment ( Windows, Mac or Linux). Copy and paste the  JumpCloud Connect key that will be used later in the Agent Installation screen.




2. Once the JumpCloud is downloaded within the system. Proceed with the installation.



3. Click Next in the JumpCloud destination location

4. As part of the JumpCloud agent installation, Visual C++ dependency will be installed.

4. Click Yes to allow the JumpCloud agent to download the Visual C++ requirement.

5. Now JumpCloud requires to enter the JumpCloud Connect key, this is the value you got when the agent was downloaded.



6. Wait for the JumpCloud registration screen to run the authorization connect key process.

7. Now the JumpCloud is completed and your system should be ready and added in the JumpCloud Admin Console.

8. Login to the JumpCloud admin console and verify the system is now added.