Okta installing browser plugin for Self-Service

Okta installing browser plugin for Self-Service

Once you get the user access for Okta portal, now you can access okta self-service.One requirement to have fully functional portal is to install a okta browser plugin.

Below the screenshot with the steps:

1. Login to the okta self-service portal. Okta will display a top message with the browser plugin requirement. Click the install plugin button.

2. Click Allow to install the okta plugin

3. Click install okta plugin

4. Once the okta plugin installation is complete a message is displayed.

5. After restart the browser, now you can see the list of okta applications.



The browser plugin wi t was last updated December 14, 2016.  You can find the okta browser plugin history here https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Settings/Version_Histories/Ver_History_Browser_Plugin.htm