Okta add new application – adding bitbucket within okta self-service portal

Okta add new application – adding bitbucket within okta self-service portal

Once you have access to the okta self-service. Okta allows you to start adding sso features for some applications. Below screenshot for okta bitbucket.

1.Within the okta self-service select add app


2. Okta added the application within your dashboard. Click in the okta bitbucket icon top-right to configure your credentials.


3. Now configure the credentials to allow okta authenticate on your behalf. Click the update credentials tab.


4. Complete the screen with the bitbucket credentials


5. At this point okta added and configured bitbucket and is ready to be used. Click in the okta bitbucket icon and okta will start redirecting to the bitbucket web site and authenticate on your behalf.




6. After okta complete the redirection, now you will  within the bitbucket website.


8. If you go back to the okta self-service, okta will popup a screen asking you to certify that okta was able to complete the okta bitbucket authentication.



Now you are ready to add more okta applications within your okta self-service portal.