Okta – Installing the Okta LDAP Agent

Okta allows companies to connect to their LDAP directory in order to provide users for Cloud SSO operations. The first step to configure is to install the LDAP Agent, following the steps required to complete the installation.


  1. Download the Okta LDAP Agent in the server that will function as LDAP Agent Proxy.


2. Once Okta LDAP agent downloaded, start the installation. Click next in the initial page.

3. Review the Okta LDAP Agent agreement and click next.

4. Specify the folder location  where the Okta LDAP Agent will be installed and click Next.

5. Okta LDAP Agent will start the installation files. Wait until is completed.

6. Once completed, you need to configure your LDAP parameters. For this steps we will connect Okta with JumpCloud which is an DaaS ( Directory as a Service )

7. Complete the parameters and click Next. The Okta LDAP Agent will continuing the setup.

8. Now you can configure the Okta LDAP Agent proxy server. You can skip this step if you are planning to use direct connection.

9. Now introduce the values corresponding to your company Okta  URL organization and click Next.


10. The Okta LDAP Agent will redirect you to authenticate to your Okta organization. Introduce admin credentials and click Sign In.

11. Okta LDAP Agent will ask permission for the agent. Click Allow Access.

12. Now Okta LDAP Agent will register the agent in your Okta organization.

13. Once the Okta LDAP Agent registration is completed. Now the agent installation is completed. Click finish.

14. Okta LDAP Agent will display a form with the LDAP agent started.

15. At this point Okta LDAP Agent is already installed and registered in your Okta organization. Now you can proceed with the configuration steps. Below a screen within your Okta organization that confirm the Okta LDAP Agent was installed.


We will continue this post later with the configuration steps, we will use JumpCloud LDAP capabilities.